[Event] 11th Roundtable Discussion with Loose Fungi .



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[Here’s a glimpse of this roundtable discussion!

at this year’s loosely organized roundtable discussion at !
Dr. Haruna was a guest

In the first half,
Hatanaka-san’s son passed the Kanken test!
Mr. Hatanaka told us about his happy report that his son passed the Kanken test.
Even if you have a tummy upset,
tummy bacteria will not become extinct!He also told us about his realization that “tummy bacteria will not become extinct even if you have a tummy ache!

On the topic of intestinal flora transplantation,
that the first fecal microbiota product was approved by the FDA in the United States!
the great news was introduced

・Who are the intestinal bacteria donors?

and many other topics!

In the second half, Dr. Haruna joined us as a guest
and shared his warm thoughts during his examination.
Mothers who work hard every day.

Very understanding of the preparedness and nervousness that came,

You can see how attentive he is to make it easier for us to be there for you at
! Please check out the archives coming soon!

Having raised three children herself,
also introduces some easy-to-make innovations!
I especially recommend the soup with lots of ingredients with a twist!

special guest, a pediatrician with a wealth of experience raising children and a love of cooking!
We will be hosting a roundtable discussion with Loose Fungi, featuring

It’s going to be a great time to hear about the concerns of mothers and fathers raising children
that we can put into practice right away!

Guest is Naomi Hatanaka, representative of the General Incorporated Association Challenged LIFE

And ourspecial guest this time will be
And our special guest this time will be Dr. Reiko Haruna, Deputy Director of the Haruna Clinic !

At Haruna Clinic, our first priority is to
“fundamentally solve patients’ problems such as illness and pain,”
and we focus on general Western medicine treatment (insurance),
and offer Chinese herbal treatment (insurance) and other alternative medicine (self-funded)
to those who need it
Allergic diseases such as atopic dermatitis, developmental disorders,
adrenal fatigue, and other symptoms that cannot be easily improved by western medicine
are visiting us from children to adults.
As a “family doctor in the community,”
we are committed to being a “gatekeeper” for the health of our patients
while staying close to them.

What a surprise this time…
Dr. Haruna,Ms. Hatanaka, and our trustee, Mr. Tanaka, have something in common!
The fact is that they are mothers raising three children!

As a working mother and someone involved in gut microbiota transplants,
there’s sure to be a lot of stories to tell! I’m looking forward to it.

Outline of the event

[Date and time].

February 28, 2023 (Tuesday) Noon 13:00-14:00
Held online at

☆Possible extension:
☆Will be recorded for the record, but will not be released in its entirety.

Around 1:45 – 2:00 p.m. Reiko Haruna, Vice President of Haruna Clinic Medical Corporation,
will make a guest appearance at

The time of the appearance may be delayed.

▪ Free to attend
▪ You don’t have to show up
▪ Come and go as you please

How to participate

when the time is right from the following zoom.
You can join us at

Join a Zoom meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83756415783?pwd=OXhBanhDcFN0ZkxMaVFuelFIMkQ1dz09

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Also, if you add us as a friend on LINE,
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