About cooperation with medical institutions

Cooperation with affiliated medical institutions

In order to ensure that patients fully understand intestinal bacteria (plexus) transplantation and that safe transplantation is performed at medical institutions affiliated with the Intestinal Flora Transplantation Clinical Research Group, all affiliated medical institutions are provided with prescribed training.

In addition, in order to reduce the risk of intestinal bacteria (flora) transplantation to near zero, and to help in more effective donor selection and purification of the bacterial solution, information provided by patients is shared between the medical institutions belonging to the Intestinal Flora Transplantation Clinical Research Group and Shinbiosis Corporation which is in charge of purification of the bacterial solution.

From transplant consultation to post-transplant

Frequently asked questions about transplantation will be updated on this website.
Many seminars and lectures on intestinal bacteria (plexus) transplantation, including videos, are available on our website.

Patient inquiries will be handled, for a fee, by the concierge of Shinbiosis Corporation or a representative of one of our partner medical institutions via e-mail.
To get started, please contact us using the inquiry form on this website.

Sharing Q&A during consultation

We share and update frequently asked questions from patients at the time of inquiry, before, during, and after transplantation.
Frequently Asked Questions

Training programs at medical institutions

All transplant providers receive training in the handling of bacterial fluids and how to deal with events that may occur in the transplant setting.

You can rest assured that well-trained clinicians and staff will be engaged to perform the transplant on your patient.

Real-time medical information sharing

During the transplant period, patients are seen multiple times for consultations and transplants.

The patients’ medical information at the time of consultation and transplantation is shared online in real time, along with information on their own daily experience, stool condition, dietary habits, etc.

This allows us to discuss future treatment plans with the medical institutions belonging to the Gut Flora Transplant Clinical Research Group.

This allows medical institutions belonging to the Intestinal Flora Transplantation Clinical Research Group and Shinbiosis Corporation, which is in charge of purification of the bacterial solution, to share future treatment plans and proceed with the transplantation process.

Adverse event reporting system

When the effects and risks of a new treatment are examined, “adverse events” are a larger framework than side effects.

When the transplantation medical institution or the physician in charge of the consultative collaborative institution receives a report from a patient of a deterioration of the patient’s health condition that occurred after transplantation,
the patient will promptly report it to our Ethics Committee and Shinbiosis Corporation along with a discussion of the causal relationship between the transplantation and the patient.

We also submit adverse event reports after all transplants and at the end of the post-transplant observation period.

If necessary, we may check the condition of the donor stool used and retest it.
We also investigate whether other patients who have used the same donor stool have had a deterioration in their health.
Adverse Event Reporting

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