[Event] 12th Roundtable Discussion with Loose Fungi .



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Bacteria make people!

A glimpse at the 12th Yurutte Roundtable Discussion!
In the roundtable discussion,
Dr. Zen Tanaka came to as a guest for this year’s Yurutto Bacteria and the Roundtable Discussion.

from the beginning of the roundtable !
to have Dr. Tanaka join us
It was a rare opportunity for

We’ll start with a talk on current medicine and nutrition
which are rapidly advancing overseas.
with a talk on gut flora transplants,

‘Live Healthy by Living in Symbiosis with Bacteria.
I’d like to encourage doctors to do gut flora transplants.”

We received enthusiastic words of support.

The relationship between the brain and the gut,
the impact of gut bacteria on immunity,
the story of how each bacterium has its own specialty, etc.

Find out “why gut bacteria are so important.”
This roundtable discussion with the loosely organized bacteria!

Please watch it from youtube below!

This time, we welcome Dr. Tanaka, President of our study group
as a special guest to talk about

the current status of intestinal microflora transplantation in the world and
the future goal of our study group
“Intestinal Microflora Transplantation as a Medical Treatment”!

Patients and the general public as well as
healthcare professionals are welcome to attend !
Good content for everyone!

Guest is Naomi Hatanaka, representative of the General Incorporated Association Challenged LIFE

We welcome another special guest!
Dr. Zen Tanaka, President of Tanaka Clinic, Jinzenkai Medical Corporation!It’s

the Intestinal Flora Transplantation Clinical Research Group
Dr. Yoshimu Tanaka, President

to patients who cannot be treated with current treatments alone.
established this research group in 2017 to deliver
as a new medical treatment
Dr. Tanaka has been leading the effort with the doctors who are now participating in the study group.

He feels it is his responsibility and rewarding to make integrative medicine known to as many patients as possible,
and he is making efforts not only in daily consultations but also in teaching young doctors.

Outline of the event

[Date and time].

March 15, 2023 (Wednesday) Noon 13:30-14:30
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▪ Come and go as you please

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