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9th Roundtable Discussion with Loose Fungi

Member Physician Speaker Events


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[Here’s a glimpse of this roundtable discussion!

In the first half, Mr. Hatanaka of
talked about the very successful
Challenged LIFE 5th Anniversary Event #2!
He spoke about the
He talked about the speakers at the event and the
wonderful activities
that attracted his interest.

For the second half,
Dr. Maue joined us from the
clinic after her office visit!

The kids’ room area, designed to help children see their true potential
very nice!

In 2023,
they will be able to examine children more alertly and
naturally, and
Dr. Maue will be examining them at 00

Please watch the video!

We want to bring the world’s most promising treatment, intestinal flora transplantation (FMT), to children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
We want children with ASD to have a more liveable, secure everyday life!

With this in mind, our study group has launched an initiative to ask parents to cooperate in various tests when patients diagnosed with “autism spectrum disorder” undergo transplants.

The guest for the 9th edition is Naomi Hatanaka, representative of the General Incorporated Association “Challenged LIFE“, and this will be the third special program

Our special guest will be Dr. Masayuki Asaueholm, Director of Life Clinic Tateshina!He will appear around 13:30-13:45!

Dr. Masayuki Asaueholm is the founding director of the study group and opened Life Clinic Tateshina in 2017 in Nagano, a place rich in nature.
The café, which is dedicated to making it a place where people can feel free to drop by even when they are not sick, is also an attractive feature of the clinic. The kids’ room, which is larger than the waiting room, has a space for children to relax with picture books and building blocks.

Click here to see the case report presentation by Dr. Masayuki Asaueholm at the 5th Annual Meeting.

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Monday, December 19, 2022 13:00-14:00
Held online at

The session may be extended, and will be recorded for the record, but will not be made public.

Around 1:30 – 1:45 p.m. Masayuki Aueholm, Life Clinic Tateshina Director will make a guest appearance!

*Please note that there may be a delay due to medical treatment.

▪ Free to attend
▪ You don’t have to show up
▪ Come and go as you please


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