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*Watch the archived video here*

[A glimpse of the 14th Yurutte Roundtable Discussion!
For this Yurutto Fungi and Fungi Roundtable,
Ikuko Kojima, representative of i-step, a community of parents of children with disabilities, to
we welcomed as a guest

Kojima-san’s child is
currently participating in our clinical study at
and we asked her about the changes in her child as a result of the transplant.

Other roundtable discussions include:
・Kao-TV Experience
・Summer vacation tough for mothers
・How to identify good seasonings
・Diverse academic conferences

We had a very informative discussion on these and other topics!

Please watch it from youtube below!

The guest of the 14th Yurutte Fungi and the Fungi Roundtable is
Naomi Hatanaka, representative of the General Incorporated Association, Challenged LIFE!

And as a special guest,
And as a special guest, we will welcome Ms. Ikuko Kojima,
a community for mothers and fathers of children with disabilities!

This community offers
mothers and fathers of children with intellectual disabilities and handicaps, including
schooling, employment and post-parental issues, and future concerns.
roundtable discussions and seminars for

In addition, Kojima-san’s child is participating in an intestinal flora clinical study
and is in the midst of a transplant!

In the loose roundtable discussion, we will hear more about the changes in your child as a result of the transplant
and the community outreach!

Outline of the event

[Date and time].

Thursday, July 13, 2023, 12:00 noon – 1:00 p. m.
Held online at

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