Intestinal Microflora Transplantation

An article on intestinal microflora transplantation was published in the January 2024 issue of FRaU (published by Kodansha).

Intestinal Microflora Transplantation


An article about intestinal microflora transplantation appeared in the January 2024 issue of FRaU (published by Kodansha).

Reference: FRaU official page

The topic was featured in “Wellness Topics 15,” which is a hot topic at home and abroad right now!

Intestinal microflora transplantation is still unfamiliar in Japan. I talked about the fact that large-scale clinical trials are being conducted around the world as a treatment to normalize the intestinal environment, its effects on the body, and its potential to lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Please take a look.

Magazine Information
FRaU (Kodansha) January 2024 issue / scheduled for release on December 5, 2023
A one-theme magazine that introduces fashion, culture and lifestyle for women in their 30s~40s.

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