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We want to bring the world’s most promising treatment, intestinal flora transplantation (FMT), to children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
We want children with ASD to have a more liveable, secure everyday life!

With this in mind, our study group has launched an initiative to ask parents to cooperate in various tests when patients diagnosed with “autism spectrum disorder” undergo transplants.

Thanks to you,
“I am glad I had the transplant.”
“I am amazed at the changes.”
we have received comments such as

Among them, Naomi Hatanaka, whose 10-year-old son received a transplant in March 2022, has presented her experience in interview videos and illustrations, and will be a guest at this “4th Roundtable with Loose Bacteria”.

Please look forward to hearing from us again as we share our real-life experiences with you.

Date: Wednesday, August 17, 2022, 12:00 p.m. – Online

In the previous “Third Roundtable Discussion with Loose Fungi”, you published illustrations produced based on your experiences, and they were very well received.
We would like to introduce some of them.

< From Hatanaka’s testimonial >

My oldest son used to have a hard time moving from eating dinner to taking a bath.
I was often frustrated by it.
However, I noticed a significant reduction in that stress after about the second transplant.
Bath time, which used to be so difficult, somehow no longer seemed “very difficult.

We are looking forward to seeing the new illustrations that will be released this time as well.

If you’re new, or just want to listen, or want to talk with us, you’re more than welcome…
No charge, no registration required, no need to show up, come and go as you please!
Please join us in a relaxed, radio-like atmosphere. You are welcome to ask questions in advance and chat during the roundtable discussion.

Outline of the event

【Date & Time】

August 17, 2022 (Wed. ) Noon 12:00-13:00
Held online at

The session may be extended, and will be recorded for the record, but will not be made public.


Until I get a gut flora balance test, “I want to do what I can now, not later.”

GUEST: Naomi Hatanaka
Naomi Hatanaka is a mother of three boys, her older son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (= ASD) and experienced a transplant at the study group.
She will talk about her transplant experience.

-No registration required
▪ Free to attend
▪ You don’t have to show up
▪ Come and go as you please

The 1st Roundtable Discussion with Loose Fungi Video

We are pleased to present some of the video clips from the “First Loose Fungi and Roundtable Discussion” held on June 15.
We asked the participants to share their impressions as mothers whose children have actually experienced transplantation.

The 3rd Roundtable Discussion with Loose Fungi Video

We are pleased to present some of the video clips from the “3rd Annual Loose Fungi and Roundtable Discussion” held on July 15.
Don’t miss Hatanaka’s illustration of her child’s transplant experience!


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