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Zawawa College” was held in Tamba City on Saturday, November 2. Zawawa College” is a health lecture and community medical course for the public, which was established more than ten years ago when the pediatrics department of Kashiwabara Prefectural Hospital was in a critical condition, led by our regular members, Dr. Hirofumi Satoh (Director, Satoh Skin Clinic) and Dr. Shinzo Waku (Director, Waku Clinic). The group consists of not only medical professionals, but also council members, ordinary citizens, former prefectural government employees, and local newspaper reporters.

It was the 108th lecture of the day, and the lecturer was Dr. Seika Ueno, Vice President of Ueno Dental Clinic.
The lecture covered a wide range of topics, including toes, nasal breathing, and why more children are falling down and why most of the injuries are to the face, not the knees.

At the opening, there was also a concert in which Dr. Satoshi participated, and they also have weekly practice sessions here.

Dr. Satoshi joined in!

Thanks in part to the activities of the Tamba Medical Revitalization Network, the Hyogo Prefectural Kashiwabara Hospital and the Kashiwabara Red Cross Hospital merged to establish the Hyogo Prefectural Tamba Medical Center in Tamba City this year.
The Tamba Medical Center has just been established. We may have to wait a while. Please help us nurture young doctors and nurses together. A hospital grows with the people of the community. I was deeply impressed by Dr. Waku’s words.

Dr. Shinzo Waku, Director, Waku Clinic
Dr. Hirofumi Satoh, Director, Satoh Skin Clinic

Medical care is about to change from being cured with an insurance card because you got sick, and I felt that it has already started in Tamba.

Dr. Waku and Mikiko Tanaka, a trustee of the Institute

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