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Today, June 1, we launched a crowdfunding campaign that we have been preparing for some time.

The project name is Intestinal Flora Testing at Home The name of the project is “Intestinal Flora Testing at Home”.

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Simple and easy intestinal flora test at home

Do you have any of these problems?

  • Somehow I don’t feel motivated.
  • persistent fatigue, headache, and stomachache.
  • I don’t sleep well every night.
  • I blame myself.
  • Cries a lot and gets angry easily

This disorder may be an early sign of depression.
Nowadays, examining the intestinal flora is attracting attention as one of the ways to improve depression.

Would you like to have a gut flora test?

In recent years, the influence of the intestines on health has been attracting attention, and recent research has revealed that the intestinal flora (intestinal microflora) is related to beautiful skin, obesity, constipation, diabetes, cancer, allergies, autism, and depression. It is now known that knowing the intestinal flora balance can lead to improvement of the intestinal environment.

Among them, the number of people suffering from mental disorders is rapidly increasing. Depression” is often lumped together, but the causes vary from person to person. Did you know that there is actually a deep relationship between depression and the intestines?

One of the causes of “depression” may be a disorder of intestinal flora. By taking the intestinal flora test, you can learn about your intestinal flora balance and the causes of various disorders, including “depression”!

How can I get inspected?

Intestinal flora testing can be easily performed in the comfort of your own home.

After you sign up for returns and crowdfunding ends…

  1. Check your lifestyle on the web!
  2. Stool samples are collected with the test kit delivered to your home and returned to us.
  3. The genome (genetic information) is analyzed using a next-generation sequencer, a device that can read gene sequences at high speed.

However, even with these tests, it was impossible to know how to improve them without specialized knowledge.

Therefore, this time, we established The world’s first! Analysis Method Approaching the Function of Intestinal Bacteria! “ We have established a new method to analyze the function of intestinal bacteria. It is now possible to know the function of your intestinal bacteria (intestinal flora balance)!

Example of radar graph by new inspection analysis method ]

Feces value = intestinal flora

Also, even if these results are received, there is still much we do not know about the various “un values”. It is meaningless if you do not know how to improve your own “un value” balance, or “intestinal flora balance”.

In order to solve such questions, this project The “Un Value UP Drill” to learn the knowledge to improve the balance of intestinal flora.

Combining the wisdom of experienced experts, including medical doctors and clinicians from the Committee for the Improvement of Feces (Intestinal Flora Transplantation Clinical Research Group).

The results of the radar graph will help you discover your weak points and teach you how to improve your intestinal environment.

Based on the test results The “Un Value UP Drill” to balance your intestinal flora!

Thoughts on the Project

The gut is said to be the “second brain” and plays a wide variety of roles, including metabolism, synthesis, and immunity.

Gut management is very important when using a preventive medicine approach to treatment.

Among the various treatment options, “intestinal flora transplantation,” one of the options after intestinal flora testing, can cause dramatic changes in the intestinal microflora.

It is considered to be a very promising treatment for people suffering from many intractable diseases, and its possibilities are expanding greatly.

This project will first get you tested, so that more people know about this possibility!

I will continue to study to meet your expectations.

Use of Funds

The Society’s research has made it possible to analyze genomes (genetic information) at an overwhelmingly low cost and in a short time by making full use of next-generation sequencers, devices that can read gene sequences at high speed.

Furthermore, we have established a new method of approaching the function of intestinal bacteria from the analysis of these tests.

Through crowdfunding, we aim to popularize a new method of improving the intestinal environment by making this test analysis available at a low cost.

We look forward to your support.

Please check the official Campfire page for details on return items.

Intestinal flora test at home

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