[Event] The 3rd Roundtable Discussion with Loose Bacteria – Surprised at the Changes after Transplantation…Why? .



*The event has ended*.

We want to bring the world’s most promising treatment, intestinal flora transplantation (FMT), to children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
We want children with ASD to have a more liveable, secure everyday life!

With this in mind, our study group has taken on the challenge of crowdfunding. Thank you very much for your support.

What are gut bacteria?
Why is ASD related to poop?
Are kids with ASD processing information super fast?!
Is FMT a treatment option for ASD in the US?

There are still many things we don’t know about autism spectrum disorders.
Around the world, research on intestinal bacteria and autism spectrum disorder has been increasingly initiated.

In Japan, the method of transplanting intestinal bacteria is still in the process of becoming a medical treatment, but our research group was established five years ago out of concern for the increasing number of diseases that cannot be cured by current medical treatment.

More than 40 people attended the first Yurutte Bacteria Roundtable and gave us positive feedback that it was good to hear about the experiences of parents who have actually had transplants and that it has become an institution for learning about intestinal bacteria.

There, we will discuss On July 15, we will hold our third roundtable discussion with the Loose Fungi online.

This time, we welcome Ms. Naomi Hatanaka, who participated as a guest in the first session, to talk in more detail about her transplant experience and the changes she has experienced since her transplant.
Ms. Naomi Hatanaka is a mother of three boys, the oldest of whom was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and is currently working on various things. She experienced transplantation at our workshop.

In addition, we will talk about the nanobubbles that support the transplants in our study group.
There may be a deep relationship between gut bacteria and nanobubbles in the changes after transplantation.

Whether you listened to the first session or this is your first time, you are welcome to just listen or talk with us.
No charge, no registration required, no need to show up, come and go as you please!
Please join us in a relaxed, radio-like atmosphere. You are welcome to ask questions in advance and chat during the roundtable discussion.

Outline of the event

【Date & Time】

Friday, July 15, 2022, 12:00 noon – 1:00 pm
To be held online

The session may be extended, and will be recorded for the record, but will not be made public.


~Why are you surprised at the changes after transplantation? ~Why?

GUEST: Naomi Hatanaka
Naomi Hatanaka is a mother of three boys, her older son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (= ASD) and experienced a transplant at the study group.
She will talk about her transplant experience.

-No registration required
-Free to attend
-No need to show up
-Free to come and go

The 1st Roundtable Discussion with Loose Fungi Video

We are pleased to present some of the video clips from the “First Loose Fungi and Roundtable Discussion” held on June 15.
We asked the participants to share their impressions as mothers whose children have actually experienced transplantation.

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