Bacteria (plexus) transplants of intestinal bacteria (plexus) bacteria liquid pictures revealed! How many bacteria are there?




The transplantation of intestinal bacteria (flora) at the Intestinal Flora Transplantation Clinical Research Group is made by carefully adjusting the concentration of the bacterial solution so that your own immune system is not surprised.
(Reference article: Multiple intestinal flora transplants (stool transplants) are necessary for the body to remember)

Therefore, some patients who see the bacterial fluid at the time of transplantation may think that it is light in color.

Photographs of transplanted bacteria solution and purified bacteria solution undiluted

The left-hand side below shows the actual bacterial solution to be transferred, and the right-hand side shows the solution in its undiluted state immediately after purification.


The transplant concentration varies from patient to patient and also depends on the condition of the donor’s stool (e.g., bile condition).

By “raw food,” I don’t mean “eaten raw”
, I mean “saline solution.”
The bacteria solution is purified with a syringe into a saline packet, and then aired out at the end.

The reason for removing the air is to prevent the bacteria living in the colon from weakening because they do not like air.

Because of the excellent quality retention of the purification process, the product will keep for approximately one week in this condition, refrigerated.

When the implantation is done, it is warmed to about human skin temperature and injected, so it does not feel cold.

Let’s take a look at the transplantation fungal solution under the microscope.


Let’s take a drop right away.

Gut Flora Transplantation

Then, cover it with a thin glass-like object.

Gut Flora Transplantation
Gut Flora Transplantation

Then, look through a microscope.

Gut Flora Transplantation

This is how many bacteria enter the transplanted body and multiply and play an active role.

Gut Flora Transplantation

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