[Important] Change of the contents of the course on transplantation of intestinal bacteria (plexus)



At the general meeting held on September 21, it was decided to change the course of transplantation of intestinal bacteria (plexus ).

The main change is a new course that does not include pre- and post-transplant blood tests, intestinal flora balance test, and POMS2 test. It is a simple transplant only.

Three years have passed since the establishment of the study group, and in light of the wide range of ages and cases of patients considering transplantation, we have decided to make this change because we believe that the timing and content of various tests should be conducted at the discretion of the attending physician, leading to more personalized testing for each individual patient.

For new course contents and prices, please refer to the Transplantation Flow and Cost Please refer to the following page for the new course contents and prices.

We will continue to conduct further research in the hope that “transplantation of intestinal bacteria (plexus)” will be useful for your healthy days.

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