Save money by bank transfer! Get another box of Hydrogen NanoGAS® water .



** This campaign ended on July 31, 2023 **

You can choose between “bank transfer” and“credit card payment “ for payment of the transplant fee for our institute.

Starting from February 1, 2022,
, those who pay by bank transfer (lump-sum payment) will receive the following benefits for the 6-session and 3-session implantation courses only!
One more box (2L x 6 bottles) of hydrogen NanoGAS® water
(Normally, one box will be provided for each course.

【Timing of shipment】
〇 One box (2L x 6 bottles) upon confirmation of transplantation fee transfer.
〇 One box (2L x 6 bottles) after transplantation of the course is completed.

・Please transfer the additional 4, 5, and 6 times if you have transferred the 3 times course.
Credit card payment is also available after the 7th session.

Please note that credit card payment is not available for the 6-session course due to the terms and conditions of credit card companies.

▼ Regarding ▼Hydrogen NanoGAS® water

We recommend drinking hydrogen NanoGAS® water before the transplantation of intestinal bacteria (plexus).
(We recommend that you continue to do so during and after the transplantation period.)

Hydrogen NanoGAS® water generates a large amount of microscopic bubbles called “nanobubbles,” which lift even the tiniest dirt particles and cleanse them.

Other Notice

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