<END>[EVENT] The 5th KIN・TOSS <October 23, 2021>



This event has ended.

The 5th KIN TOSS will be held on [Saturday, October 23, 2012].
The event had been postponed due to the prevention of the spread of the new coronavirus, but it has now been decided to hold the event.

Dr. Ai Kitamura, a corporate supporting member of our institute, will give a lecture.
Don’t miss this opportunity.

Date and Time

Saturday, October 23, 2021, 11:00am (10:30 – registration) 16:00 (scheduled to end at 16:00)


Awaji City Sunshine Hall

entrance fee

5,000 yen (with box lunch and farm experience)

How to apply

Registration is now closed

Lecture Contents

11:10-12:10 Lecture

Tasty Fermented Foods for Good Health!
Fermented food is a well established way to improve intestinal health.
Are you eating “delicious fermented foods” every day?”

[ Lecturer ]
Fermented Food Specialist / General Incorporated Association Love I Food Education
Representative Dr. Ai Kitamura
(Corporate Supporting Member of our study group)

12:30-13:45 Lunch (Heart’s Food Creates special [Aina Bento]
Mini Marche (Heart’s Land freshly picked vegetables, fermented foods, etc.)

For lunch, please enjoy Hart’s Food Creates’ special [Aina bento] using Dr. Ai Kitamura’s original fermented seasonings.

After dinner, you’re in for a farm experience! We’ll travel to Hart’s Land (20 minutes)
Enjoy a mini-marche where you can buy Hart’s Land freshly picked vegetables and fermented foods!

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