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The 1st Anniversary Conference and Symposium of the Japanese Society of Preemptive Medicine was held at Yumebutai on Awaji Island from June 2 to 4.

Many members of the Intestinal Flora Transplantation Clinical Study Group also attended the conference, as Dr. Man and Dr. Tanaka serve as directors and councilors, respectively.

At this symposium, entitled “Strategies for Relief of Cancer and Intractable Disease Refugees,” a number of cutting-edge research presentations focused on “finding” and “curing” diseases that are not bound by the standard treatment framework.

Based on a solid foundation, a hypothesis should be formulated to some extent. Ensuring safety through this is the responsibility of basic research.

Clinical research is in charge of making sure that it actually cures the disease properly.

In this symposium, there were presentations from the perspectives of both basic and clinical research, and there was a sense of security and mobility to apply the results to actual practice.

People suffering from advanced stage cancer or diseases for which there is no cure under the current standard treatment have been abandoned by doctors and are forced to wait for death with anxious feelings and no place to go, like “refugees”.

We want to continue to offer options to those who wish to live and heal until the end of their lives.

The physicians and researchers were very excited to see the results.

The main event

Presentation on “Usefulness of Intestinal Bacteria (Flora) Transplantation Using Special Bacterial Solution” by Dr. Masahiko Shirotani, Executive Director of the Intestinal Flora Transplantation Clinical Study Group and Director of Luke’s Ashiya Clinic, a Hope in Kansai.

We disclosed what is in the special fungal solution, something we are not usually allowed to talk about.

He mentioned the water used for the bacterial solution and also gave a clinical report to date.

At the same time, the two-day event also revealed further issues to be addressed as we move forward with clinical research in the future.

Thanks to all of you, I am experiencing firsthand that the transplantation of intestinal bacteria (plexus), which started in a small private clinic, is moving to a new level.

Thank you so much.

We want to protect and nurture them with care and respect.

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