Notice of Introduction of Credit Card Payment



~Announcement from the Intestinal Flora Transplantation Clinical Study Group~.

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to accept credit card payment, which has been requested by our customers for some time.

Items that can be paid by credit card are as follows
-Fees for transplants (please contact the office for details)
-Flora balance inspection fees
-Hydrogen NanoGAS® water
-Various books
-Fees for the 4th Annual Meeting

For transplant fees, laboratory fees, books, medical aid water, etc., we will send you a payment e-mail within two business days after confirming your application.

The registration fee for the 4th Annual Conference is also ready for immediate payment on the web at
Early bird discount is available until May 15, and advance discount is available until August 31.

Click here for information on the 4th Annual Conference.  

This is an opportunity to hear the results of our daily research, including basic research reports and case reports on transplantation of intestinal bacteria (plexus). Please check back often for updates on the contents of the presentations. We look forward to your participation.

We sincerely hope that we can be of service to your health again this year.

Intestinal Flora Transplantation Clinical Research Foundation Secretariat

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