Presenting how to read your gut flora test results!



The world of intestinal bacteria is only just beginning to be understood.

Still, the reason it has attracted so much attention never before has there been such a pointed link to all kinds of diseases. I think it can be said that it is because of

So, is it possible to know the state of one’s intestinal flora by testing?

The answer is yes and no.
In other words, the answer is yes and no. We can analyze and know the types of bacteria, but we haven’t caught up with how to interpret the results. The answer is yes and no.

The Latest! A complete view of the results of the intestinal flora analysis is now available.

Intestinal flora analysis is something that even experts do not know how to interpret.
Our research group has recently compiled a book on how to look at the results of intestinal flora analysis.
The name of the book is “Letter to Humanity. A Letter to Humanity from Intestinal Bacteria The name of the book is

This book has the following features

  • Gut flora analysis of patients with numerous diseases showed that Trends in Intestinal Bacteria
  • Easy to understand immunity, mental strength, etc.Visualization of the potential power of intestinal bacteria (Bacterial Power™ )
  • Breakdown of bacteria involved in each bacterial strength and how to increase bacterial strength

Pre-sale & Giveaway Announcement

This book, currently being prepared for sale, will be given away and sold in advance! (Will be available soon at 3,000 yen + tax)
The book will be available only to those who attend the 3rd General Meeting on September 23 (national holiday ).

1,For the medical professionals who attended the General Meeting Free Gift
2, For the general public attending the General Assembly Pre-sale & sales tax free service For the general public attending the General Meeting!

It is not only an introductory book for those who want to know more about intestinal bacteria, but also for those who want to know more about the intestinal bacteria themselves.The contents of this book will satisfy even specialists who have been dissatisfied with previous books on intestinal bacteria. The book has been edited with the aim of

The e-book (on Amazon) and the paper book (on our website) will be available soon!
If you are interested in learning more about the contents of the book, please see the Symbiosis Institute’s blog post ” Isn’t the Gut Flora Test View Unkind? (with helpful instructions on how to obtain the book)” as well.

that will not be available on the website on the day of the General Meeting. The latest on intestinal bacteria and intestinal flora transplantation will also be presented.
We are sincerely looking forward to seeing many of you there.

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