Intestinal Flora Transplantation Clinician Interview with Dr. Tanaka “Thoughts on Intestinal Flora Transplantation”



At Symbiosis Institute, we are mainly engaged in research and development of transplantation of intestinal bacteria (plexus) (intestinal flora transplantation) under the theme of “coexistence and co-prosperity with microorganisms”.
The actual transplants are performed on patients by clinicians who belong to the “Intestinal Flora Transplantation Clinical Study Group.

Today, we bring you an interview with Dr. Zen Tanaka, Director of Tanaka Clinic, who is also a trustee of the study group, among the ” affiliated medical institutions where intestinal bacteria (plexus) transplants are available”. *

*What is referred to in the text as “Shimizu-style intestinal flora transplantation” is a transplantation using our method.

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Tanaka Clinic

I have been researching, clinically and applying cancer (cancer) immunity for many years.
I have long believed that intestinal immunity is very important for cancer treatment, but I have not been able to make good use of it.

I have just encountered Shimizu-style intestinal flora transplantation and was struck by the thought that it could be used effectively for intestinal immunity, which I have long thought to be the case.

What are your thoughts on the transplantation of intestinal bacteria (flora)?

Of course, the most important things to do are to improve diet, nutrition, and living environment.
However, even so, it is often the case that symptoms and illnesses are intractable and do not improve or are not cured.

At that time, we believe that the transplantation of intestinal bacteria (plexus) is one important option and can be a fundamental solution to the disease.

What did you think when you learned about the transplantation methods recommended by the study group?

Compared to clinical trials conducted by various universities for inflammatory bowel disease, I was shocked to learn that the Shimizu-style intestinal flora transplantation has a much better implantation rate and an extremely short implantation speed.

What are the future possibilities for the transplantation of intestinal bacteria (flora)?

Currently in Japan, cancers, lifestyle-related diseases, autoimmune diseases, and mental illnesses continue to increase with the development of Western medicine. We have always thought that we must take some different countermeasures and approaches rather than the conventional ways of dealing with these diseases.

The preventive medicine approach of improving diet, nutrition, and living environment is very important in terms of preventing disease. However, at the stage when a disease has already occurred, it is very important to reset the internal environment as quickly as possible.

In this case, we believe that the transplantation of intestinal bacteria (plexus) is a very promising option as a treatment for various diseases such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, and psychiatric disorders.

What are the future activities of the study group?

We would like to spread the word to the general public as well as medical professionals that this treatment is an option.

To this end, we would like to actively conduct clinical research, present at conferences and write papers, as well as hold seminars and lectures for the general public.

For a transplant consultation with Tanaka Clinic (Osaka, Japan), please visit their website at .

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