Establishment of the Intestinal Flora Transplantation Clinical Research Foundation



On Sunday, November 19, 2017, the Intestinal Flora Transplant Clinical Research Foundation was established.

The purpose of this research group, led by clinicians, is to establish a new treatment called “intestinal flora transplantation (fecal microorganism transplantation)” and to conduct activities to contribute to people’s health through research and development and clinical studies of intestinal flora transplantation.

The founding ceremony was held at the New Osaka Hotel in Shin-Osaka. After the general meeting by the founding members, a study session and a reception were held, and despite being the first time, 30 people from all over Japan attended. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation.

The Society will conduct activities to contribute to people’s health through research and development of intestinal flora transplantation and clinical research.
The research and development division will be carried out by ” Research Institute for Intestinal Bacteria (Symbiosis Co., Ltd.) “. (The clinic has been conducting medical treatment and research as “Makoto Clinic,” but the research institute will be set up as an independent organization in conjunction with the launch of the research group.)
In the clinical research section, clinical research will be conducted by specialists (” affiliated medical institutions”) for each case, such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, diabetes mellitus type II, psychiatric diseases, and immunological diseases.

Why are more people suffering from intestinal flora imbalance? What changes occur to the body when the intestinal flora balance is regulated? We will continue to examine the potential of intestinal flora in various diseases and disorders.

Part 1: General Meeting

As the first part of the meeting, a general meeting was held by the founding members (directors, trustees, auditors, and the secretariat).

Part 2: Study Session (Panel Discussion)

Dr. Masayuki Asoholm (Life Clinic Tateshina: Nagano, Japan) started the study session.

Dr. Noriaki Man (Yorozu Clinic: Tottori, Japan)

Dr. Masahiko Shirotani (Luke’s Ashiya Clinic: Hyogo, Japan)

Mr. Makoto Shimizu (Symbiosis LLC)

Dr. Zen Tanaka (Tanaka Clinic: Osaka, Japan)

Everyone listened attentively.

Part 3: Social gathering

Toast by Mr. Goro Tsukamoto, Auditor.

Cheers! Congratulations!

We received a piece with a beaming smile. We have high expectations for the future of the study group.

The entire meeting was conducted in a friendly atmosphere.

The Intestinal Flora Transplantation Clinical Study Group will continue to devote itself to the work we have pledged to you at this founding meeting. We look forward to your continued support.

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