Gut Microbiota Transplant Super Donor Requirements Revealed!



Traditional criteria for “excellent” donors

As for donors.

We don’t do donor matching based on gut flora alone.”
” Anyone in good health can be a donor to someone else.”

What is a Super Donor in Intestinal Flora Transplantation (Fecal Transplantation)?


What kind of person would you call a super donor?

Of course, it will depend on the tendencies of the patients (mainly diseases) that are common at that time.

A well-used donor means that the match rate with the patient is relatively much higher.
Let’s look at some of the physical and mental characteristics of potential super donors.

Physical health with reversal

healthy child

Aside from living with the bacteria as part of their own intestinal flora, they have physical characteristics that make them “donor-friendly” in the sense that they are sent out into the bodies of others.

The prerequisite for a super donor in the physical sense is a type of person who is “ready for anything”.

A true donor is someone who can live a healthy life with good bowel movements every day, even if he or she eats like a natural, frankly wild child.

Ideally, a person should be able to respond similarly to sleep and to stress at work.
A super donor is someone who can stay healthy without any particular awareness.

A “modern fossil” character.

Modern Fossils

The Institute’s donor selection process is based on
Ultimately, “personality” is the most important factor.

This is a “super donor requirement” that was noted by the fungus artisans at our institute.

Super Donor Requirements

A simple “modern fossil” type of donor who can casually pay attention to details that others do not notice, and who is liked not only by the opposite sex but also by the same sex.
It would be better if the donor is a farmer or fisherman from a remote area or an island.

Gratitude should always be the first priority.
Apologies are second.
Coexistence and co-prosperity with all things.

The fine flora balance is secondary. From the personal notes of a symbiosis bacteria artisan

Meaning that we want there to be a variety of donors with different patterns.

Donor Diversity

See the various patterns of donors at
actually, with the intestinal flora balance.

Median Donor

A healthy person is someone who has all bacteria in the middle of the “healthy” range, based on a unique median balance of roughly ____:____ this bacteria and ____ that bacteria.


Immunocompetent donors

having high immunity

Immunity Tolerance Donor

immune tolerance

Positive Thinking Donors

positive thinking

Donors for Lifestyle-related Diseases

Measures against Lifestyle-related Diseases

If you read this article and think, “I could be a donor too,” please continue that life.

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